Side by Side

We know Side by Sides

As the fastest growing sector in the off road market we understand that your side by side is important to you, whether its being used for business or recreational purposes. The pitiful of owning such a versatile unit is the time taken to load it up and get it to a reputable dealer to service or repair, and these are often very far away from your base.  To then have to offload the unit and a few days later head back to the dealer and load it up again. With our on-site services, we can save you valuable time by coming to you. You can rely on our technical expertise on these units to make sure we keep you moving. 


General and Scheduled Maintenance

Replacement of engine oil and oil filter, Replacement of transmission oil & diff oil if required, Inspection of drive chain, Inspection of bushing, Inspection of brakes, Inspection/replacement of air filter, Inspection of cooling system & Service grease nipples.

Drive train

Belt replacement, Clutch service, CV Joint service or replacement


Service or replacement of suspension, Replacement of A-Arm bushes, Replacement of control arms.


Replacement of wheel bearings, Replacement of brake pads and discs.


Installation of door, roofs, stereo, winches, bumper and more.

you don't come to us, we come to you!